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Relevant New Jersey EMS Education Regulations

Below are links to relevant EMS regulations in New Jersey.

NJAC 8:40a - EMT Certification, EMT Renewal, EMT Training Centers, EMT Instructors, MAV Training

This regulation details the requirements for becoming an EMT instructor, training EMTs, and becoming a training center.  Continuing Education is also addressed, as are requirements for renewing EMT certification.

NJAC 8:41a - Paramedic Certification and Training

This regulation details the requirements for training paramedics and renewing paramedic certification.

NJOEMS Education Page

General education information such as state-wide protocols, reciprocity rules, lists of pre-approved courses, and other information.

Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

General information from the US Department of Education.  Schools that receive federal funds must follow FERPA regulations regarding the privacy of student information.  Even if you do not receive US DOE funds, your institution may be held to FERPA as they are often cited as a standard for data access and confidentiality.