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Support Change to EMT Instructor Certification

New Jersey has a critical shortage of certified Emergency Medical Technician instructors.  With a net loss of certified instructors occurring every year, the NJEMSEA has presented the Office of Emergency Medical Services with a plan to streamline the process for EMT instructor certification.  This plan works within the current 8:40a regulations that the Office of EMS must follow, is revenue-neutral to the Department, and provides NJ EMS training centers with two opportunities per year to certify instructors instead of just one.  

For more information about this proposal, click here for our Advocacy page.


John Mateus, NJEMSEA President

As a provider your actions can better the health of one patient at a time.   As an instructor your actions can better the health of every patient touched by every one of your students.  There is no more efficient way for a clinician to positively impact the world than to share his or her knowledge with others.”