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2017 - Proposal to reform EMT Instructor training

EMT training sites have struggled with staffing courses greatly in part due to the slow pace of EMT Instructor training and certification.  A long apprenticeship combined with difficult screening and infrequent training opportunities have created a situation where new EMT instructors can take 2-3 years to certify.  This is resulting in a yearly net loss of EMT Instructors in New Jersey.  NJEMSEA has proposed an alternative training process that does not require change to regulations and demands no more time or funding from OEMS staff than they currently spend on EMT Instructor training.  Our proposal replaces the NAEMSE LV1 course with an NAEMSEA course with microteaching, eliminates OEMS’ microteaching session, and allows OEMS to spend that time hosting two screenings per year for EMT instructor candidates instead of one thus potentially doubling the output of EMT instructors every year.

2012 - Position Paper on New Proposed EMT Training Regulations

Provided written position on new proposed EMS training regulations.  Demonstrated how regulations would negatively impact EMS instructors, EMS agencies, and EMS trainees.  Regulations were never adopted.

2010 - Supported S818/A2095 EMS Redesign Bill

Wrote position paper supporting the EMS redesign effort in S818/A2095.  Organized email and phone call campaign to state legislators to vote for S818 / A2095.  

2009 - Opposed S2885/A4089 5-year EMT Card bill

Opposed legislative effort to issue 5-year EMT cards for a temporary period of time as a financial convenience after the EMT training fund was raided to fund the general treasury of the State of New Jersey.  It was the Association’s position that training requirements set to assure provider competency and patient safety should not be negotiable during times of low revenue.  

2009 - “Save the EMT Training Fund” Campaign

Opposed Governor Corzine’s plan to remove 4 Million Dollars collected from traffic citations and dedicated to the training of EMTs from the EMT Training Fund for the purpose of balancing the general treasury.  Organized email and phone call campaign to state legislators vote against the bill allowing the revenue transfer.  Sent representatives to rallies opposing the removal of the funds.