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New Jersey Emergency Medical Services  Educator’s Association

Who we are

The New Jersey Emergency Medical Services Educator’s Association is a non-profit advocacy group representing acute care educators in the Garden State. Our mission is to represent educators who teach Emergency Medical Technician programs, EMS CEU courses, CPR, First Aid, and other programs geared towards teaching people emergency medical care.  Typical members include hospital educators, paramedic clinical coordinators, private commercial training owners, and ambulance service training officers.


A CPR instructor who teaches a lot of daycare centers

A Paramedic Clinical Coordinator

A Director at a County EMS Training Center

An ambulance company training supervisor

A Training Officer for a volunteer ambulance squad

An owner of a acute care training business

What we do

NJEMSEA promotes the interests of EMS educators and of the EMS community as a whole through advocacy, representation, and content creation.  NJEMSEA members talk to industry groups, regulators, and providers about the needs of EMS providers and more specifically their educators.   They lobby legislators when legislation that negatively affects EMS is proposed.   NJEMSEA writers create courses our members can use for their own training efforts.

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